Hi, I'm Helen

Personal Trainer, and

Certified Pre & Postnatal Coach

When my family encouraged me to become a personal trainer, it seemed like a crazy idea at the time. I'm so glad I took up the challenge, but only wish I had done it sooner.

Although life experience has given me insight into what women need to maintain a healthy lifestyle, my study through Fernwood and completion of my Certificate III & IV in fitness has helped me to formalise my skills.

Initially, my career had been predominantly working in law firms until starting my family. A work relocation for my husband took our family to country Western Australia where I worked as an event co-ordinator with the aged and disabled in a local Community Centre (Share & Care, Northam WA).  This led to my nomination as a participant in the Mrs Australia Awards and a very rewarding year of fund-raising for the Crippled Children's Association, Rocky Bay.

Another move took our family to Sydney where I continued with various law firms, then to Westmead Private Hospital working for a Urology Professor. Reporting on patients with urological problems every day highlighted to me the importance of having a strong pelvic floor to avoid urinary incontinence and potential surgery due to organ prolapse.

My goals for getting fit after my babies were always to get back on the netball court. I have been a netball fanatic all my life and have been fortunate to be involved with the sport for many years. It was very challenging after each pregnancy to return to playing with extra weight, weak pelvic floor and breastfeeding. An unfortunate back injury many years later forced my retirement from playing netball but I replaced my playing with umpiring and reset my goals to work towards becoming a National Umpire with Netball NSW. I am still involved with coaching umpires at Hills District Netball Association in Sydney.

Thanks to my family, I have been able to change direction with my career and put energy and enthusiasm into something I feel very passionate about.  Since losing my dear Mum to Ovarian Cancer in 2011, I have turned this loss into one of my biggest motivations, creating my business in her legacy and using it to bring awareness and to make a difference.

I am very excited about Fitness After Baby and the opportunity to work with pre and postnatal Mums, supporting them through their pregnancy journey, helping with their post recovery process. The body changes significantly both mentally and physically and this can be extremely challenging. It gives me a lot of pleasure in seeing them feel good about themselves.

If you are still reading at this stage, then I thank you for your time and for taking an interest in my business.

Yours in fitness, health and happiness